Monte da Moita Nova
Introduction to the School of Légèreté
17/19. 6. 2016 + 2/4. 12. 2016
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The horses
For riders we have 6 horses: 4 arabs, one Lusitana and one pony.Three of the arabs were born here.

Our horses are exceptionally well treated, well trained and reliable. Ute Gerhardt is a highly qualified and experienced riding teacher who has over 20 years experience. She has trained with various experts; her style is influenced by Phillipe Karl and Bea Borelle, and the ideas of Sally Swift are an integral part of her lessons. But she learned the most from the horses themselves.


The riding
The extensive dunes spread out behind the stables, offering long rides on horseback.

The hacks are not only suitable for experienced riders, for after only 4 or 5 lessons a beginner can go out, accompanied, on one of our calmer horses .For our smallest horse fans there are childrens lessons on longe, and lead rides.
Riding lessons are organized individually, depending on the pupil´s needs, and may take place in the arena or out on rides.

Rining at Moita Nova  

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Riding lessons
The interaction in the triangle between horse-rider- teacher has to be fluend for a good lesson.

To achieve this, the rider must be relaxed and comfortable, the horse supple and knowing its duties and the teacher to be able to control any situation that might occur. Ute Gerhardts lessons stimulate the rider´s body awareness in a way which allows a better communication with the horse .This enables all riders to develop individually. As well as lessons on horseback, ground work with the horse is possible, to build up mutual confidence and establish a clear position of dominance. TTeam(ethod) of Linda Tellington Jones is essential to this end.

Riding lessons with Dahil  
Riding prices
 Individual rides
 (per person per hour)
  € 25,--  
 Individual lesssons
 approx 30 mins
  € 25,--  
 Riding course of 5
  € 120,--  
 Exercises/rides for
 children up to 7 yrs,
 15 Min.
  € 10,--  


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Four holiday apartments in the countryside of the Costa Vincentina Natural Park.